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the US Should Study the Veneto Model to Fight Covid-19 –

The Italian experience suggests that locking downtowns is a necessary but insufficient condition to stop the spread of the disease. If 50 percent of the infected are asymptomatic, there is no hope of containing the disease unless we subject ourselves to massive testing. On February 22, 3 percent of the inhabitants …

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Populism Weakened the Immune System of Our Democracies. Chile Is an Example –

Modern societies have developed immune systems to deal with epidemics: international cooperation, social cohesion, universal health care systems. But today we face the greatest planetary emergency since World War II with these immune systems severely weakened: populist nationalisms disrupt international cooperation and promote every-man-for-himself, and the anti-science wave infects the …

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Government as Buyer of Last Resort –

The government has to compensate businesses and workers for their losses so that each business can re-emerge almost intact after the hibernation due to social distancing ends. An economy-wide fall in the demand for goods and services of 40 percent over 3 months leads to a 10 percent drop in …

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the Pandemic’s Long-Term Consequences –

Corruption, lobbying, corporate malfeasance, and frauds: a weekly unconventional selection of must-read articles by investigative journalist Bethany McLean.    Johns Hopkins’ COVID-19 map   Of course, this weekend’s list is mostly COVID-19 focused. It’s clear that this pandemic is going to define not just our now, but our future. This …

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